Professor Toto Multimedia Kit
Available in French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and German, The professor Toto Multimedia kit is interactive and appeals to the way children really learn!
Professor Toto...
That Kids Learn Differently. Some prefer to listen, others respond more to visuals. Some repeat everything they hear, and others quietly stash away what they have been learning
By offering the same material through different media, kids stay interested and lessions are reinforced. Youngsters watch the Eric's Day story on their DVD. Then they listen to Eric's narration on their CD and renforce the lession by crayoning images of the words in their Color & Learn at the same time.
Is Child
Children are drawn to people who are gentle, friendly and make them laugh, so Professor Toto's characters are too.
Is Child
Professor Toto shows places and routines that kids understand: school, the park, home, breakfast, mom and dad.
Prime Time
After age 12-1/2 it's almost impossible to learn to pronounce foreign words like a native. Professor Toto captures those "window of opportunity" years. And that's why the Professor only lets youngsters hear a "business standard" version of their target language.
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