Professor Toto for AGE 6 to 9

School-age children fine-tune their vocabulary as they relate to Eric and Sophia, two of Professor Toto superstar students. As children enter the classroom they will be better prepared for academic success.

Professor Toto is an easy-going teacher who introduces children to lots of interesting friends and merry animals to make them laugh, sing, and really use a new language. Little Eric takes them through his day “I get up, I brush my teeth, I brush my hair, I put on my shirt, I put on my shoes...” all in French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, or German. Immersion is the natural way, and the best way, for children to learn languages

Multimedia Kit
With its DVDs, CDs and activity playbooks, the Professor Toto Multimedia kit is interactive and appeals to the way children really learn
Traditional Songs
Your children can sing the same songs that children in a foreign country sing. And everyone can follow the words with the easy-to-read lyrics tucked inside
the sooner a child is exposed to a new language, the easier it is to learn! From toddlers to pre-teens, the best time for your child to learn a new language is now, so make sure to take advantage of this unique window of opportunity.